We are in the people business.

We help people achieve their best possible financial future. What we do well, is ask a pretty simple but fundamental question.

“What’s important to you?”

That question is at the centre of everything because winning ‘the game of money’ is all about lifestyle. It’s about loving life, spending quality time with your family and friends and feeling confident that you can achieve your personal goals.

That’s why we spend time focusing on getting to know you, understanding your goals and helping you articulate what you want to achieve in life. Once we map that out, we can help you protect your lifestyle and family, better manage your cash flow and build wealth along the way.

It’s our job to challenge your thinking when it comes to money, because there are many ways to reach your goals and your priorities will change at different stages of your life. We like helping people feel comfortable and in control of their financial future and we work hard to make financial planning easy to understand and totally transparent.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in personal insurance, superannuation and wealth accumulation advice. We think longevity and reliability are good traits. What we offer is a long term partnership that you can trust to help you achieve your best financial future.


Duane Stewart
Director/Senior Financial Adviser

Duane’s working credentials set him apart from most financial advisers because he spent around 21 years working with some of the largest insurance and superannuation companies in business development management roles, before starting his own financial advice business in 2010.

As a result, his product knowledge across numerous companies, strong industry relationships and ability to streamline your experience is second to none.

Duane is passionate about ensuring everyone, regardless of their current situation, can access his support and knowledge to put in place a plan for financial security. Duane Stewart Advisory Services is a boutique financial advice business providing clients with highly diversified financial product options that are chosen from a broad range of providers. Similarly, our licensee, GPS Wealth Ltd, totally supports providing advice and products that are in the best interests of every client and their individual circumstances. For you, that means peace of mind and quality advice.

  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Chartered Life Practitioner
  • Authorised Representative with GPS Wealth Ltd
  • ​Member of the Association of Financial Advisers​
  • Duane gave advice and explained thoroughly why that advice was given. Attention to our current needs was great - and we were not over insured or made to feel like we were doing more than was required.

    ANON, client survey
  • Following my diagnosis with a serious illness, Duane handled my claim professionally and efficiently. This enabled me to concentrate on my health and family, with significant financial relief, given the policy he had put in place. Thank you Duane.

  • We're a family with young children and a number of financial commitments. We now have peace of mind with a plan that would provide a secure financial future for our family if ever needed. Working with Duane has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

  • Duane was fantastic and made the whole process simple and straight-forward. When dealing with personal finances you really need someone you can trust and Duane instilled that from the start.



Life changes. So do your needs.

You might be just starting out – or starting over.

You may be feeling like you are finally starting to get somewhere with some assets behind you – and you want to know how to use those to put yourself in a stronger financial position.

Or, you may be getting ready to make the leap into retirement – or want to just reduce your work commitments so you can do more of whatever makes you happy!

Whatever life stage or financial challenge you currently face, we tailor strategies that are flexible and think long term. Our aim is to be on that journey with you all the way.


It’s really important to get the basics in place. This is about making sure you and your family are protected, your estate plans are in order and you have really smart Super. We also want to hear about how you manage debt and your cash flow so we can really make your money work for you and minimise cash flow pressure as much as possible. And just as important, is getting a shared understanding about your risk profile so that we can start the conversation about building wealth.


We will keep checking your foundations are right for you – and adapt them along the way. Your focus may be more on how to reduce debt as fast as possible, accelerate Super contributions and consider investment through property or a share portfolio.


With debt under control, we should be able to significantly reduce your personal insurances. We also re-focus your goals and future plans – after all, not everything happens as we expect it will. This is the time that we plan for how much money you will need in retirement and position assets and investments to work especially well to provide the lifestyle you want when you are no longer working 9 to 5.​

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Our clients are all ages and at different stages of life. What they have in common is a game plan.​​
We work with singles, couples, families and business partners who believe in the importance of planning and understand the costs of procrastination. Our clients’ achievements are rarely accidental and they want an adviser that keeps them on track and can adapt when things don’t go to plan!

Our tailored advice is geared towards your needs and goals – and it considers the full gamut of insurance, estate planning, cash-flow management, superannuation and investments.


Different stages, different challenges!​​
So, whether you are a young single; in a relationship; crazy busy with a young family and a big first mortgage; or starting to get a bit more comfortable – we can help you.

Together, we can map out your game plan to protect your family and assets and keep an eye on the horizon at the same time with some smart wealth building strategies.


Small to medium-sized business!
If you are a business owner, it’s really important to manage risk and have exit strategies in place to protect you and your family.

Key man insurance, equity and loan protection strategies are some of the smartest investments you can make to underpin a successful and happy business structure.